Scheduling Your Facebook Posts to Boost Your Brand With Ease

Scheduling Your Facebook Posts

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are faced with the same problem that most small business face. You want to grow your business… but simply don’t have the time.

If you are in Canada, there are a lot of you small business owners. In fact, 97.9% of all businesses in Canada are small businesses (as stated by Industry Canada in June 2016).

This definitely means that finding the time to build on your brand on social media such as Facebook to update your page can often take a backseat to the immediate needs of the business.

I recently spoke with a potential client who hasn’t touched his Facebook page since 2013. That is 3 years of untapped opportunities for more leads and ultimately more customers.

The easiest way around this is to schedule your posts for your business page. You don’t have to write anything overly comprehensive… you can save that for your blog. You can use Facebook to post shorter bites of info that you want to share with your potential audience. Consider infographics, short videos, pictures from a company sponsored event, and anything else that is better suited for Facebook.

The easiest thing to do would be to pre-schedule your holiday greeting posts for all major holidays. If you even only did those you have one post going out almost every month or so. That is far better than going years without so much as a word from your business page.

Here is the quick walk through on how to schedule your page posts.

First, you should navigate over to your Facebook page. near the top you will find the “publishing tools” link. Click on it.







You then clock on the “+Create” button.




You can then add your desired content and it can be anything from images to videos to full blown articles. try to keep it short and sweet. Once you have your post ready you can click on the drop down arrow beside the “post” button.








You will see a coupe options. The to selection will allow you to schedule posts for a later date. You can schedule out as far as you would like. This means you can have valuable content set to go out well in advance. Do you have a yearly sale? Why not add that post into the queue?

The second option is to backdate your Facebook post. This is handy if you are like most other business owners and have neglected the page. This will allow you to fill in the gaps… even if its just a few. This will hide the fact that you are just now getting around to putting stuff on your Facebook page.











The last thing to do would be to select the date and time and schedule the post. If you are doing a bunch of posts at once… like I do, you will want to adjust the time of day to vary from post to post. This will give it a more natural look.

So that’s how you can schedule a bunch of posts now so that you don’t have to do it later on. I find this is best to do during downtime. That way you can be guaranteed that your content will go out even when you are at your busiest.

You can also do this for your blog too… and it will provide the same kind of value to your brand.